A Little About The Author


My name is of no consequence, so I won’t share that – I’ll instead refer to myself often in the third person. Some readers don’t know who that guy is, others think that they know who he is, and others still really don’t care. Those that know him, though, will tell you that he’s a pretty random dude. He travels for a living, might be called a “biker” by some, a partier by others, and an asshole by others still, and makes life worth living through the people he interacts with, the places he visits, the food he eats, and the drinks that he, well, drinks.

Life is good. Sex is good. Food is usually good (even when it’s just OK). Beer is just fucking amazing.

He bitches a lot, but in a fun way. So, fuck it – let’s have fun!


Oh, by the way – this is some adult shit, and is in no way child-friendly. You’ve been warned.

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